Saturday, June 27, 2009

Fashion Ace

Week One of Wimbledon is almost over and we've seen our fair share of fashion faux pas, and mainly by the unbelievably muscular Serena Williams (her older sister Venus has a much better figure for the outragous outfits the doubles partners wear). But we have also witnessed some pieces that will definitely be imitated on court this summer.

With Nadal's skin tight t-shirts out of the picture this year due to a knee injury, others have had to step up to show off their style on court as well as their skills. Roger Federer, the number 2 seed and tournament favourite, darned a waistcoat during warm up on Centre Coat on Day One which set the bar fairly high for the other players to follow. White and Gold are his signature colours for Wimbledon, and his crisp white t-shirts are subtly embroidered with his initials beneath the polo's buttons; co-ordination is key for his footwork and attire as he matches his headband, wristbands, runners and sportsbag together. Unfortunately he has left his knitted cardigan back in Switzerland this year, but hopefully it will be available on ebay soon enough! His initials were also vivid on his reworked jacket from 2007. It has been described as a suit jacket with utility styling as it featured three front pockets and one on his left arm's sleeve.

"It's kind of a little bit more of a modern look with the military, but staying true to Wimbledon with the white," he has said of the new jacket that will no doubt be a signature look in sport-stores around the world.

Speaking of military, Maria Sharapova has also wore a military inspired jacket as she strolled onto court for her first match, and seemed to stroll swiftly off as she won quite comfortably. She has the modelesque features of a catwalk Queen, and she certainly has the legs too which make her a great canvas for new styles of tennis gear. Her tuxedo jumpsuit from last year was indeed fashion forward, but not practical for the court and it's good to see that she has reverted back to the classic white dress. Pity her groaning doesn't coincide with her innocent beauty though!

I look forward to seeing what fashion forces Week Two will produce. Let the most fashionable win!


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