Monday, June 29, 2009

"Seriously, we’re not just being nice"

Having only momentarily listened to White Denim before attending their gig Friday night in Academy 2, I was blown away by the phenomenal performance and musical talent of this three piece Texan band. The band started out with what could have easily been a jamming session of the Jimi Hendrix band, the psychedelic rock sounds were electrified in the small and intimate venue of Academy 2. This then ascended into the band’s hit song Shake, Shake, Shake, played to perfection, which appeared to be a theme for the band that night as they continued with the rest of their set. Marred only by slight technical faults and temporary pauses between songs, the band played an outstanding gig to an enthusiastic audience. Highlight of the night was definitely the finale, where the band played a previously unreleased track claiming “We won’t be playing this in any other city…. Seriously, we’re not just being nice”. And from the exceptional response of the audience, I think they might want to reconsider playing it again. After all, who doesn’t love a bit of cowbell?


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